Learn About UNC Student Life with John Bradberry of Charlotte, NC

Welcome! I’m John Bradberry from Charlotte, NC and I’ve taken the liberty to write about what student life is like here at UNC. I don’t know about you, but UNC has been my dream school for as long as I can remember (I’m still pretty chuffed to have made the cut despite having a low ACT score). If you’re thinking twice about applying here, then my blog is for you; here you can get a sneak peak of university life plus talk about UNC basketball.

Right now, I’m a Sophomore taking up a Bachelors in Sociology. I initially wanted to take up Anthropology but I figured it would be wise to have a safety net in case I want to go to law school down the line. One of the things I love about UNC is the community and the sense of unity we have, particularly during basketball season. As you can probably tell, basketball is huge here, with a very broad fan base ranging from hardcore and casual fans to alumni. Even students who aren’t into sports all that much or for the rest of the school year are vocal and active in their support of our basketball team.

If there’s anything you want to ask about UNC, feel free to ask away! I understand how it feels to not have anyone to turn to for guidance during college application season. My high school years aren’t far behind me, after all! So if you want to ask for tips or how you can beef-up your application for UNC, I’d be glad to tell you about my experience. As I mentioned, I managed to get in UNC even with a low ACT score but that’s only because I made up for it with tons of other extracurricular activities and involvement. Of course, you shouldn’t forget about proofreading your application letter a thousand times. Remember that every word counts and should move your “narrative” forward.

Generally, my blog will contain my thoughts and predictions for the current NCAA season, but I’ll also be writing about other things you might find fun and interesting like player profiles and trivia. If you’re a huge Tar Heel fan, then you know that there should naturally be a little tribute here on my website for one of the greatest Tar Heel alumni and basketball players there is, His Airness, Michael Jordan! I may not have been old enough yet to fully appreciate MJ’s role at the peak of UNC’s golden years but I know that those years, with Jordan around, UNC men’s basketball received overwhelming support from the whole of UNC.

If you’re a fellow student or even a Tar Heel fan, feel free to join me on my blog as we cheer our boys to another glorious NCAA Championship. Let’s also follow which North Carolina players have been drafted to various professional leagues like the NBA and NFL.

Again, this is John Bradberry from Charlotte, NC!

And remember:

I’m a Tar Heel born, I’m a Tar Heel bred
And when I die, I’m a Tar Heel dead
So it’s rah, rah, Car’lina-lina, rah rah, Car’lina-lina
Rah rah, Car’lina-lina, Rah! Rah! Rah!

Have a great day!